CD cover desing for the Second and Third year Animation course Showreel at London College of Communication

 Since animation is made of drawings in time, the two monster represent them both.

 The blue one is time, a never ending river always flowing, panta rei.

 The light brown represent the ancient Sumerian cuneiform writing, which is seen as a way of representing with basic images or symbols. 

Hope from Chiara Sgatti on Vimeo.

A journey inside the mind of someone during the last moment before the death. The instinct of survival, “Will”, is the only thing left: he will try, unconsciously, to create, with its last efforts, a fake life made with all the memories he can gather. The raw material he will find is the bright “Hope” that endures until the end.
However, what he creates are illusions, the whole life in front of someone’s eyes before passing away.